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The Story of Moffit Brothers
Serving Northeast Oregon since 1947.
Lostine, Oregon with a population of only 245, is the headquarters of one of the most diversified transportation businesses in the state of Oregon.
The name 'Moffit' usually brings to mind school buses and road construction. Few realize, however, how extensive the operation actually is and how far it has come since it began, with two teenage Lostine boys digging a little gravel out of river beds many years ago.
Those two lads, Kenneth and Max Moffit, are the oldest of four sons of M.R. and Velma Moffit, who arrived in Wallowa County in 1913.
Kenneth and Max got their start in school bus transportation. Through the years the Moffits built their bus fleet and pursued other ventures such as excavation.
An important sideline to the Moffit Transportation business started in 1965 with the addition of a charter bus service, now boasting ten charter buses that travel all over the western USA and Canada.
The Moffit Bros. Construction part of the partnership now owns and operates many rigs, including dump trucks, graders, several crawler tractors, excavators, water trucks and other related equipment.
With success in all their ventures as an integral part of their life, Kenneth and Max Moffit seem to many to epitomize the virtues of the American work ethic, and both strongly voice their belief in the free enterprise system.